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The Mk VI was the ultimate bomber variant of the Halifax. It used Hercules 100 engines, giving 1,675 hp at take off. Maximum speed increased to 312 mph, the ceiling when fully loaded from 20,000 ft to 24,000 ft. It had a revised fuel supply system which consisted of seven flexible tanks in each wing, giving a maximum capacity of 2,196 gallons of fuel. Some Mk VIs carried two .5in Browning machine guns in the rear turret in place of the .303in guns used in earlier versions. The Mk VI did not appear in large numbers. Only three squadrons received the type before the end of the war in Europe.

Met Mk VI

The Mk VI was converted to the meteorological role, and replaced the Met Mk III with Nos. 518 and 521 squadrons. No. 518 survived the post-war cutbacks, becoming No. 202 squadron and retaining its Halifax Mk VIs until 1952. On 17 March 1952 No. 202 squadron flew the last operational mission with the Halifax in British service.

Review of Halifax Squadrons by John lake Halifax Squadrons of World War II , Jon Lake. This is a very good book on the combat record of the Handley Page Halifax. It covers much more than just its role as a front line bomber, with chapters on the Halifax with Coastal Command, the Pathfinders and SOE, amongst others. [see more]
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