Douglas Boston V

The Douglas Boston V was the RAF designation for the glass-nosed A-20K Havoc, and was the final version of the aircraft to see service with the RAF. Ninety were received in October-November 1944, and they were used by the same squadrons as the similar Boston IV. The only difference between the Boston IV and the Boston V was the use of the R-2600-29 engine in the Boston V. Of the ninety aircraft acquired, eleven were used by the RCAF.

Engine: Wright R-2600- 29 Double Cyclone
Power: 1,600hp rated, 1,700hp at takeoff
Crew: 3
Width: 61ft 4in
Length: 48ft 4in
Empty Weight: 17,266lb
Gross Weight: 23,953lb
Maximum weight: 27,000lb
Maximum speed: 333mph at 15,600ft
Cruising speed: 269mph
Ceiling: 25,100ft
Climb Rate: 6min 36sec to 10,000ft
Range: 830 miles normal, 2,200 miles maximum ferry
Fuselage Guns: Two fixed 0.50in Browning Machine Guns
Dorsal Turret: Two 0.50in Browning Machine Guns
Ventral Position: One 0.50in Browning Machine Gun
Normal Bomb Load: 2,000lb
Maximum Bomb Load: 4,000lb – 2,000lb in bomb bay, 2,000lb on under-wing pylons

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