Douglas C-47D

The designation C-47D was given to a large number of C-47Bs that had their high altitude supercharger removed. This gave them roughly the same performance as the C-47A. They were otherwise identical to the C-47B.

As with the C-47A a large number of C-47Ds remained in service after the Second World War, and many were modified for special purposes. These included the VC-47D staff transport, the SC-47D (HC-47D from 1962) search and rescue aircraft, the RC-47D reconnaissance aircraft and the TC-47D trainer.

The most famous version of the C-47D was the AC-47D gunship, better known as Spooky or Puff the Magic Dragon. This version of the aircraft was armed with three sideways firing 7.62mm Miniguns. The gunship would fly a “pylon turn” above a fixed point, allowing for the accurate delivery of a large amount of firepower against a fixed target. 

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