Churchill Mk XI

The Churchill Mk XI was the designation given to Mk Vs that were upgraded by giving them extra appliqué armour. The Mk V was the close-support version of the Mk IV. Both used a new cast turret, carrying a 6-pounder gun in the Mk IV and a 95mm howitzer in the Mk V.

In July 1944 the decision was made to add appliqué armour to all re-worked Churchills. At first this involved fitting 3/4in side armour, but the plane was to move to frontal armour by the end of 1944. It was also hoped to upgrade the gearbox, suspension and turret traverse, and install the new cast/ welded turret introduced on the A22F Churchill VII.

The designation Mk XI was allocated to tanks that got both the extra armour and the new turret. However supplies of the new turret were limited and in August 1944 the requirement to upgrade the turret was dropped. Tanks that got the appliqué armour but kept the normal Mk V turret were give the designation Mk XI LT (Light Turret).

Visually the Mk XI LT can be identified by the combination of the appliqué armour, the Mk V turret with 95mm howitzer and square side doors. 

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