Churchill IX

The Churchill Mk IX was the designation given to Mk IIIs and Mk IVs that had been upgraded, but that kept their original 6-pounder gun. In July 1944 the decision was made to add appliqué armour to all reworked Churchill tanks. At first they were to get 3/4in side armour, followed by frontal armour, and a modified gearbox, suspension and traverse equipment by December. The plan was also to install the cast/ welded turret designed for the Mk VII.

The basic Mk IX designation was for vehicles that got both the appliqué armour and the new turret introduced on the Mk VII and Mk VIII, presumably with the 75mm gun. A shortage of turrets meant that this plan was dropped in August 1944 and it is possible that none were produced with the new gun.

The Mk IX LT was the designation for tanks that received the thicker armour, but kept their original turrets.

Mk IVs that were upgraded early and received the 75mm gun but kept their original armour became the Mk VI.

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