T29 4.2in Mortar Motor Carriage

The T29 4.2in Mortar Motor Carriage was the second attempt to mount a mortar on the fuselage of the M5 Light Tank. The first attempt, the T27, had seen the turret removed, an extra 18in added to the height of the superstructure and an 81mm Mortar mounted in the fighting compartment. The T27 suffered from a lack of crew and storage space and was cancelled in April 1944.

Work then moved onto the T29. This used a 4.2in (107mm) mortar that was more compact (despite the larger calibre). More space was found for the fighting compartment, which stretched further back along the fuselage, but despite all of this work the T29 was still judged to have been too cramped and the project was cancelled. 

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