Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair


This was the final major variant of the Corsair to see wartime service. The engine was changed to the R-2800-18W, which could provide 2,100 hp unboosted, or 2,450 hp for five minutes using the water-methanol injection system. This gave the dash four a top speed of 450 mph. Other improvements were made to the cockpit, making it more comfortable, easier to fly and easier to maintain. The six wing mounted machine guns were retained in the just over 2,000 dash four Corsairs that were produced. The model was developed at the end of 1944, and entered service in April 1945, seeing action on Okinawa. Five years later the dash-four would also play a major role in Korea.


Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair in Flight
Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair
in Flight

This was a proposed version to be delivered to the Royal Navy. It didn’t reach British service during the war. The designation also appears to have been used for a version capable of controlling a Navy BAT radio controlled glider bomb. There is some confusion about both the dash B and dash C versions of the F4U-4.


The dash C (dash B in some sources) saw the internal wing guns changed from six machine guns to four 20mm cannon (as seen in the earlier F4U-1C. It did not see combat during the Second World War, but was in use during the Korean War, where it was an effective ground attack aircraft, partly because of the extra firepower of the cannon.


This was an interim night fighter, equipped with the AN/APS-4 radar system. Neither this nor the -4N entered active service.


This was a second night fighter model, using the AN/APS-5 radar system. The small number built probably never even reached squadron use. The F4U-5N became the standard night fighter version of the Corsair.


Nine photo-reconnaissance aircraft were built with a camera mounted in the rear fuselage.

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