Treaty of Compiegne, 10 June 1624

Alliance between France and Holland against the Hapsburgs. The early phases of the Thirty Years War had ended with the Hapsburgs victorious, and threatening the future of Protestantism in Germany. This worried the protestant powers of northern Europe, while the French simply wished to reduce the power of the Hapsburgs. With a month the alliance had been joined by Sweden, Denmark, Savoy and Venice, and eventually led to the Danish invasion of the Empire. France herself withdrew from the war in March 1626 under pressure from a Huguenot revolt.

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The Thirty Years War , C.V.Wedgewood. Despite its age (first published in 1938), this is still one of the best english language narratives of this most complex of wars, tracing the intricate dance of diplomacy and combat that involved all of Europe in the fate of Germany.
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