Battle of the Schellenberg, 2 July 1704

Battle during the War of the Spanish Succession. The Duke of Marlborough, marching from Flanders to Bavaria, approached the line of the Danube with 35,000 men. The French had 64,000 men in the vicinity of the river, with 10,000 of them on the Schellenberg, a hill that rises some 200-300 feet above the river, and commanded the crossing at Donauworth. Much to the surprise of the French, Marlborough launched an attack on the hill, and after heavy fighting captured the hill. Stung, the French pulled back, allowing Marlborough to capture Donauworth without a siege, and get across the Danube without problems.
Great and Glorious Days, James Falkner Great and Glorious Days: Marlborough's Battles 1704-1709, James Falkner. This is a very tightly focused book, looking at the campaigns and battles fought by the Duke of Marlborough. While it does cover his entire life, the vast bulk of the book is devoted to the five years from Blenheim in 1704 to Malplaquet in 1709, looking at each major battle in great detail. [see more]
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