Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Raids 10, 11 and 12

This page from Lt D.W. Gay's 'War Effort' covers part of Raid 10 and all of Raids 11 and 12.

Raid 10 was an attack on marhalling yards at Franco Veneto on 31 December 1944. An escort of six Spitfires was provided, but the raid had to be aborted due to poor weather over the target.

Raid 11 was an attack on three bridges in Yugoslavia on 4 January 1945. Once again there was a fighter escort, and one of the bridges was hit.

Raid 12 was an attack on German barracks at Corte in Italy, and was to have been carried out using radar bombing aids, but the aircraft were unable to reach their bombing height and the mission had to be aborted.

Many thanks to Martin Hampton, the son in law of Lt. Gay, for sending us this material. These pages come from Gay's own private notebook which began with similar infomation to his flight log, but became more detailed, and also included a number of interesting items that had been pasted in.

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