Vospers 72ft 6in MTB in Chesapeake Bay

Vospers 72ft 6in MTB in Chesapeake Bay
Here we see one of a number of Vosper 72ft 6in Motor Torpedo Boats that were built in the United States undergoing trials in Chesapeake Bay. These boats carried two torpedoes in tubes carried on the decks.
British Naval Weapons of World War Two – The John Lambert Collection Vol III: Coastal Forces Weapons, ed Norman Friedman. The third and final of three impressive books built around plans and drawings produced by John Lambert, looking at the small boats used by British Coastal Forces and the weapons they carried, accompanied by a useful introduction to the topic by Norman Friedman. A very impressive selection of detailed plans covering just about every element of these boats, from the radar antenna to their depth charges and torpedoes as well as the weapons carried by submarines. (Read Full Review)
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