Plans of main tanks, June 1944

Plans of main tanks, June 1944

Here we see nine plans of important Allied and Axis tanks types, taken from the US Recognition magazine of June 1944.

The domination of the US tank forces by the Sherman is demonstrated by the choice of three types for the left-hand column - 75mm gun at the top, 105mm howizter in the middle and 76mm gun at the base.

The centre column has the British Crusader Mk.I (with machine gun turret at the top), Cromwell armed with 6-pounder in the middle and Soviet T-34 at the base.

On the right are three key Axis types. At the top is a Japanese tank, identified here as the Medium Tank 2597, but generally known as the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank. In the middle is a long gun version of the Panzer IV, from the F2 onwards. At the bottom right is the Panther, probably the best German tank of the war.

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