Lockheed A-28 Hudson over Dunkirk

A Lockheed Hudson of Coastal Command at Dunkirk
A Lockheed Hudson of Coastal Command over the evacuation beaches at Dunkirk. The fleet of small ships is clearly seen. The black specks around the aircraft are probably flak.

Taken from Coastal Command, 1939-1942, HMSO, published 1943, p.51

Lockheed Hudson Aircraft in WWII, Andrew Hendrie, Crowood Press. A look at the development of the Hudson, and its career with the RAF, USAAF, RNZAF and RAAF. Covers the anti-submarine and anti-shipping uses of the Hudson, as well at its role in Air-Sea Rescue and special operations. The text is supported by a good collection of first hand accounts.
cover cover cover
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