King George V on HMS Whirlwind

King George V on HMS Whirlwind

Here we see King George V on the bridge of the Admiralty W class destroyer HMS Whirlwind (H.41), which he used to reach Calais on 5 August 1919. The King is on the very top deck, in the middle of the group of three men, looking left.

The Imperial War Museum website incorrectly identifies this ship as the Acasta class destroyer HMS Spitfire, which has been H.41 until the start of 1918. However the Spitfire has a much less complex layout, with her forward gun mounted directly on the deck, and a single storey open bridge. In contrast the Whirlwind had two forward guns with the second one mounted on top of a deck house, and a two storey bridge with open wings, as seen here.

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