Fireship Tactics in the Line of Battle

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Fireship Tactics in the Line of Battle

This diagram shows the tactics of a fireship attack after the line of battle came to dominate. The fireships have to be supported by their own frigates and small boats to rescue their crews, while the defenders send their frigates and small boats to intercept the fireships.

Picture reproduced with the kind permission of Seaforth Publishing

Fireship: The Terror Weapon of the Age of Sail, Peter Kirsch. A lavishly illustrated look at one of the most feared weapons of the age of sail. This is a very impressive piece of work – well written and researched, wide ranging in scope and with detailed accounts of most of the key fireship attacks from the sixteenth century wars against Spain to the Greek War of Independence. An essential read for anyone interested in naval warfare in the age of sail. [see more] cover cover cover
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