C-109 Modification Manual - p.5 Introduction

C-109 Modification Manual - p.5 Introduction

Many thanks to Paul Stahl Jr, for sending us this modification manual for the C-109 fuel transport, an modified verison of the B-24 bomber. His father, Paul Stahl Sr, was the project engineer for the C-109.

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Page 5- Section 1 - Introduction to C-109 Airplanes

gasoline trucks, these figures may vary, but it was estimated that approximately 4,850 gallons can be carried at this gross weight). The balance with crew was 31.35% M.A.C. The take-off was made cross-wind on a concrete runway".

"The airplane left the ground after approximately a 4,000 foot run. The report by the crew was the same as that of the 54,000 pound and 58,000 pound tests".

It must be noted here, however, that when the airplane is empty, that is, when no fuel is carried in the cargo tanks, 500 lbs of ballast must be carried in the tail cap. When all cargo tanks are filled, as noted above, the airplane is tail heavy, and the 100 gallon cargo tank in the nose is used to counteract this condition.

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