C-109 Modification Manual - p.21 Drawing List

C-109 Modification Manual - p.21 Drawing List

Many thanks to Paul Stahl Jr, for sending us this modification manual for the C-109 fuel transport, an modified verison of the B-24 bomber. His father, Paul Stahl Sr, was the project engineer for the C-109.

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Page 21 - Section 6 - Drawings Released on C-10 Aircraft

42B8579 Longeron Reinforcement
42A8585 Angle
42A8586 Angle
43A1126 Clip
43A1118 Bracket Assy.
43B1063 Strap Assy.
43D1111 Beam Assy.
43A1125 Clip
43A1122 Angle
43A1123 Clip
43B1115 Bracket Assy.
43B1113 Cradle Assy.
43B1109 Cradle Assy.
43A1124 Clip
43A1120 Clip
42B8570 Angle
42B8569 Angle
42A1802 Clip
42B8980 Clip
42A8581 Strap
43B1115 Angle
42B8572 Strap
42D1109 Cradle
42B8452 Plate
42B8580 Clip
43B8573 Strap Assy
43B8572 Strap
42B8564 Rail Assy,
42B8567 Rail
42B8565 Brackets
42B8566 Strap
42B8571 Strap
X45K14342 Front Bomb Bay Fuel Tank
X45K14343 Rear Bomb Bay Fuel Tank
X34K14327 Front Deck Tank
X45J14326 Side Deck Tank



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