C-109 Modification Manual - p.16 Drawing List

C-109 Modification Manual - p.16 Drawing List

Many thanks to Paul Stahl Jr, for sending us this modification manual for the C-109 fuel transport, an modified verison of the B-24 bomber. His father, Paul Stahl Sr, was the project engineer for the C-109.

C-109 Gallery
Consolidated C-109 Gallery


Page 16 - Section 6 - Drawings Released on C-10 Aircraft


24-D56C-G1000P Flight Deck and Tunnel Escape Hatch Door Pins


24-D58-P1000 Chart Instal. Fuel Gage Calibration

Chart Fuel Cage Calibration

MODIFICATION TM-2 (Furnishing)

109-M3-A1000 Inst. of Brackets for Verey Pistol Cartridge Box

MODIFICATION TM-3 (Electrical)


Inst. Electrical Equip. C-109 Tanker

109-M3-E1001 Inst. Servo Heater Receptacle C-109 Tanker
109-M3-E1002 Wiring Diagram Servo Heater Receptacle
109-M3-E1003 Decal Servo Heaters
109-M3-E1004 Relocation Elect. Equip C-109 Tanker
109-M3-E1005 Instruction Removal of Electrical Equipment C-109
109-M3-E1006 Decal Heater Fuse Box
109-M3-E1007 Detail Covers Q Strips C-109 Tanker
109-M3-E1008 Inst. Static Ground Fuel Cells


109-M4-R4000 Inst. Radio Compass AN/ARN-7

Mounting Bkt. Radio Compass Ind. AN/ARN-7

109-M4-R4003 Wiring Diagram AN/ARN-7 Radio
109-M4-R4004 Cover for Relay AN/ARN-7 Radio Compass
109-M4-R4005 Mounting Plate BK-22E Relay AN/ARN-7 Radio Compass
109-M4-R4006 Decals AN/ARN-7 Radio Compass
109-M4-R4007 Mountint Sheet for Compass Receiver
109-M4-R4008 Detail Angles for Compas Receiver Mount
109-M4-R4009 Detail Angles for Antenna Mounting
109-M4-R4010 Coupling Nut for Antenna Mounting
109-M4-R4011 Angle Brace
109-MR-R1000 Relocation Radio Equipment
109-MR-R1001 Angle Detail Radio Table
109-MR-R1002 Detail Radio Table
109-MR-R1003 Radio Table Assy.
109-MR-R2000 Relocation of Compass Receiver
109-MR-R2001 Angles for Compass Relocation
109-MR-R3000 Inst. And Wiring of Safe Live Switch
B-11265 Cover for Transmitter
B11470 Antenna Mast Assembly
B-11471 Mast Detail
B-11472 Reinforcing Plate for Antenna Mast
B-11474 Shackle Detail Fore and Aft Sense Antenna SCR269-G
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