Battles and Sieges of the Gallic War (58-51 B.C)

Battles and Sieges of the Gallic War (58-51 B.C) Defeat of Sotiates Defeat of Vocates and Tarusates Siege of Uxellodunum 51 BC Siege of Gergovia 52 BC Siege of Gorgobina, 52 BC Siege of Limonum 51 BC Siege of Cicero's Camp 54 BC Siege of Atuatuci 57 BC Siege of Avaricum 52 BC Siege of Alesia, 52 BC Battle of Atuatuca 54 BC Battle of the Aisne, 57 BC Battle of the Loire, 51 BC Battle of the Morbihan Gulf, 56 BC Battle of Octodurus, 57/56 BC Battle of the Sambre, 57 BC Battle of Bibracte 58 BC Battle of Arar, 58 BC Battle of Vingeanne, 52 BC Battle of Vesontio, 58 BC Battle of Lutetia, 52 BC Siege of Cenabum, 52 BC Siege of Noviodunum, 52 BC Siege of Vellaunodunum, 52 BC
This clickable map shows the main battles of Caesar's Gallic War. Some of the locations are uncertain - even the location of Alesia is uncertain, but we have placed those battles and sieges in the right general area.
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