First Battle of Kernstown, 23 March1862

Map showing Stonewall Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign of 1862

Map showing the First Battle of Kernstown, 23 March1862.

Caption reads: Based upon the maps in the "Official Records," Vol. XII., Part I., pp.362-365. A represents the first position of Kimball's and Sullivan's brigades on the morning of March 23d. Sullivan remained to hold the Union left, while Kimball moved to the position at B, and finally to the main battle-field, F (evening of March 23d), where he joined Tyler, who had previously been in position first a C, and then at D, whence he advanced to oppose Stonewall Jackson in his flanking position at F, to which Jackson had marched by wood roads from his first position at E.

Map taken from Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: II: North to Antietam, p.307

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